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18 juni 2014

Italiaan brengt ‘daglicht’ in raamloze ruimtes

Voor iedereen met een tekort aan toetreding van natuurlijk daglicht heeft de Italiaanse professor Paolo Di Tripani van de Univeriteit van Insubria zich de afgelopen 10 jaar toegelegd op de ontwikkeling van “Coelux”.


Oorsponkelijke editorial

In an interview with lighting trade journal Lux Magazine he explains: “The difference between Coelux and other attempts to recreate the sky is that it rebuilds the natural phenomenon of a natural sky, rather than just trying to look like it.”


And this is how it works. Coelux combines three key elements: the latest energy-saving LED technology to reproduce the sunlight spectrum; a sophisticated optical system to create a sensation of distance between the ‘sky’ and the ‘sun’; and nano-structured materials, only a few millimetres thick, to recreate the entire Rayleigh scattering process which occurs in the atmosphere and makes the sky appear blue.


These elements are incorporated into a high-tech false ceiling and window system, offering a whole range of design possibilities for indoor and underground architectural spaces.


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