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LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH
Zehstraße 2
95111 Rehau

Jan Wurth
+49 9283 595 1263

Hannah Reiss
+49 9283 595 1452

LAMILUX has been manufacturing daylight systems made from plastic, glass and aluminium for almost 60 years. Architects, construction engineers, planners and roofers use LAMILUX CI Systems when building industrial facilities, commercial buildings and industrial shed complexes as well as private residences.


The purpose of these structures primarily consists in optimising the use of natural light and guiding it into building interiors. Fitted with controllable flap systems, they also serve as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS) and energy-efficient building systems providing natural ventilation. The unique LAMILUX CI Systems range includes a wide variety of different structures from rooflight domes and continuous rooflights through to glass roof constructions in aesthetically pleasing shapes.


The company also offers considerable expertise in developing and manufacturing building control systems – LAMILUX CI Control – for activating and automating both smoke and heat exhaust systems and ventilation and solar protection installations. In 2016, LAMILUX and its 850 employees achieved a turnover of 225 million euros.


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